by Busted Chops

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released December 31, 2016

produced by Busted Chops and Daniel "Thaxan" Lee
recorded by Daniel "Thaxan" Lee
mixed by Michael Helms and Daniel "Thaxan" Lee
mastered by Michael Helms
artwork by Daniel Reid
all songs arranged by Busted Chops

*Gio- Lead Vocals (all tracks)
*Tyler Rathbone- Rhythm Guitars (left side - all tracks), Backup Vocals (tracks 2, 3, 4, 6)
*Ryan Gould- Drums (all tracks)
*Jordan "Snazz" Taylor - Rhythm Guitars (right side - all tracks), Lead Guitar (tracks 1, 3), Vocals (track 5)
*Daniel “Thaxan” Lee - Bass (all tracks), 12 String Guitar (track 5), Backup Vocals (tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, 7), Hi Hat (track 4)

Guest Vocals
*Hayden Gould - Backup Vocals (all tracks)
*Justin Moody - Backup Vocals (track 4)

A Long Way From Home (lyrics - Gio/ music - Tyler)
Dino (lyrics - Gio/ music - Snazz)
Failure Blues (lyrics - Gio/ music - Tyler)
Home (lyrics - Gio/ music - Snazz)
Blood of the Mountain (lyrics - Snazz / music - Tyler)
Syringe Symphony (lyrics - Gio/ music - Snazz)
A Short Way From Hell (lyrics - Gio/ music - Thaxan)
Depression Sermon (lyrics - Gio/ music - Ryan and Tyler)



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Busted Chops Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: A Long Way From Home
This cold land is not the one I know
Faces fade as tensions start to grow

I'll carve my way through this rotting flesh
As I roam I'll leave a trail of death

The mountains mark an end to my quest
When I'm there my bones can finally rest
Track Name: Dino
With crocs on his feet
And marks on the street
Dino will cast his spell
Your fate will be tragic
He'll wield black magic
To send you straight to hell
Track Name: Failure Blues
I’ll use these fists as hammers until only bone remains
Where you once stood will be marked by hair, teeth, flesh, and blood stains
As I wander these hands will bring about the end of time
A cascade of limbs descend, bodies of the fallen I climb

With the Failure Blues, I've got nothing to lose
Track Name: Home
The mountains won’t forgive the mortal's sin
The sun hides behind clouds of burning skin

Dark Entrails are spread across the hollow
Human suffering is what must follow

Nature's flesh is used to make the gallows
I'll make sure that all their graves are shallow
Track Name: Blood of the Mountain
Stones from the sky collide and divide
building a machine; we all die
time in their hands, blood in their eyes
Time is their own; they arise
Blood of the Mountain Claims the Earth
Until time stands still
Track Name: Syringe Symphony
My time is coming to an end, blood stains my skin
Only ash and embers remain of my fellow kin
My knuckles show bone where skin once was
Decrepit mountains consume my stone claws
Destroy me in your monolith jaws
Track Name: A Short Way From Hell
I sit on the steps of my old homestead
The once green grass now hides behind the dead
As fire spreads across the country side
I know that there’s nowhere we can hide

Only time will tell
A Short Way From Hell
Track Name: Depression Sermon
I rot away in this cell
Counting down my time from hell

I’ll destroy these concrete walls
When I do they all must fall
From the graves will come their death
I will destroy every breath

Under my Depression Sermon
I will rid the earth of vermin